Save Don Valley Stadium

The UK Independence Party in Sheffield has made clear its opposition to the proposed closure of Don Valley Stadium.

Sam Launder, the chairman of Sheffield University’s UKIP society, spoke about how much the stadium matters to the people of Sheffield:

“It was absolutely fantastic being one of the 20,000 who lined the streets of Sheffield on that rainy Friday afternoon to welcome Olympic gold-medallist Jessica Ennis back home.  I wholeheartedly agreed with the comments Julie Dore, the leader of Sheffield Council, made at the time – that the event put Sheffield on the international stage.   I am flabbergasted that the Labour-led City Council now plan to demolish the very site Ennis worked so very hard in for so many years. This sporting facility provides positive opportunities for young people across our city; they use it to practice, train and learn a host of new sports.  Whilst Labour continue to waste millions on taxpayers’ money doing up their offices, paying consultants ludicrously high fees and advertisements, they pursue their own ‘Olympic Legacy’ and choose to demolish a world class sporting facility. It is an absolute disgrace.”

UKIP General Secretary (and Sheffield branch chairman) Jonathan Arnott added “We fully understand that these are tough economic times, but there are so many examples of Council waste where cuts could and should be made without affecting local residents.  We intend to run a campaign to keep Don Valley Stadium open.”

Would YOU support a campaign to save Don Valley Stadium?

UKIP Sheffield is happy to pledge its support to an online petition set up by local residents at