Arnott to stand for Police Commissioner

Jonathan Arnott has been chosen by UKIP to be their candidate for the role of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  His campaign website can be found at  Jonathan has stepped forward for the position as he is wants to stand up for the needs of South Yorkshire people and introduce policies to keep them safer.

And his campaign has been given a massive boost as his running mate is Jack Clarkson, a former policeman and an independent, ex- Liberal Democrat councillor.

“I grew up with a passion for keeping our streets safe and protecting people’s right to peacefully enjoy their daily lives as my late grandfather was a policeman and my father was a chairman of magistrates in Sheffield,” said Jonathan.

“That’s why I believe that the criminal justice system should be tough enough to protect local people and deter criminals from offending. As a teacher who has chaired a charity working with disadvantaged children and young people in Sheffield, I also understand the other side of the coin – the need to work hard to prevent crime in the first place.

“As General Secretary of UKIP, the country’s fastest-growing political party, I have unique experience of standing up to government ministers and being prepared to stand up for the needs of our community – one of the key skills needed for a Police Commissioner.

“Also as a Master of Mathematics I can use my experience to effectively scrutinise police budgets – though I don’t think that a Police Commissioner’s role should be about politics at all.

“The Police Commissioner should protect local people, and I have an absolute assurance from UKIP that they will not interfere in any way with me doing the job and I will be free to represent local people.

“The role of Police Commissioner is all about co-operation and working together, which is why I am proud to announce that my Deputy Police Commissioner will be Jack Clarkson.  Jack brings decades of front-line policing knowledge to the team and has also spent years working with groups to support the victims of crime.  Together we believe that we can make the streets of South Yorkshire safer. We believe that everyone should have the right to walk down the streets without fear of crime.

“My plan would be to work with South Yorkshire Police, making sure they are held to account, and dealing with policing priorities and budgets,” said 31-year-old Jonathan.